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At your request, we can provide drawings and the following performance testing results:

  • EN 14904

  • ASTM F2772


  • FIBA

  • DIN 

  • Rolling Load

  • HIC / GMAX (Head Injury Criterion)

  • Data on humidity testing

  • Test Engineer's summary report

Testing on the LogiCourt system covered the following criteria:

  • Ball rebound

  • Vertical deformation

  • Force reduction

The specifications for each LogiCourt panel are:

  • Approximate Size:  4’ x 7’

  • Profile height:  2 ¾”

  • Weight:  135 lbs

Each LogiCourt system is covered through product liability, with a warranty of workmanship for one year after installation.

All of our maple is MFMA certified northern maple.

If you are more interested in learning about the LogiCourt system, please contact us!

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