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Prior to installation, there will be some work that you need to do to prepare:

  • Trim doors

  • Remove thresholds and cove base

  • Adjust goals and bleacher

  • Level slab

  • Abatement


After your LogiCourt is installed, you will need to add or replace: 

  • Door thresholds

  • Perimeter cove base

  • Transition ramps


The specifications for each LogiCourt panel is:

  • Size:  ~4’ x 7’

  • Profile height:  2 ¾”

  • Weight:  ~135 lbs


What you need to do when it arrives:

Your LogiCourt system will be delivered in a dry van truck.  You will need to have a forklift available to unload the panels. We recommend having a two to four person crew for installation. The more people, the faster installation goes!  


Please consider finding the easiest access for bringing the panels into your facility.  We recommend a double door where the middle divider can come out. The ability to use a pallet jack to unload will save a lot of time and effort as well.


What Logicourt will do:  

We will have a manufacturer’s representative onsite for training during the installation process.  We will also provide a tutorial to your facility’s personnel on the proper way to install, care for, and disassemble the court.

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