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Our system was developed to address specific problems in the typical basketball court environment.*  The goal was to create a factory-direct product that performs as well or better than any professional court and maintains stability and durability, while still being lighter than anything else in the industry.  


Our testing has shown that the LogiCourt system meets or exceeds performance standards, holds up under normal humidity conditions, and only weighs approximately 125 lbs per panel. 

Additional benefits of our system include:

  • Court can be easily installed without a contractor onsite

  • Installation takes days, not weeks

  • Built to fit your facility by using 3D measurement technology.


The subfloor is an engineered underlayment that is water-resistant with its fastener holding power equal to or above plywood.


Each panel has twelve airflow pockets built within each panel that gives the underside of the maple the ability to breathe.  The LogiCourt system does not have a deck, allowing the maple to dry out if water comes from above.  Forced air blowers can be attached to blow air throughout the system.


Aluminum is used due to its light weight and corrosion resistance.  The locking hardware has had repeatability testing performed to show long-term durability.


The patented resilience pads (#US6718715B2) are made from recycled solid rubber and foam rubber content.  Each pad is spaced strategically for high performance.  


The moisture barrier is 10 mil polyethylene that is factory-attached to each panel, which helps protect the wood against moisture migration from the slab.


The slide pad is a water-resistant bottom layer, affixed to the subfloor serving two purposes:

(1) An additional water-resistance layer to the system.

(2) Allows the panels to slide into place, without disrupting the resilience pads during installation.


Fixed (or Permanent) = Flooring that is permanently affixed to the facility floor, whether lagged to the concrete or assembled as a floating system.  Cannot be taken up and down.


Detachable = Flooring built in smaller sections (panels) that is able to be easily installed and uninstalled at a facility.


LogiCourt = A detachable court that is designed to be assembled and disassembled in emergency situations (roof leak, flood, etc.), for refurbishes, and RePad to restore performance.  Has excellent protection against moisture intrusion.

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