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Whether you are looking for a single or multiple basketball courts, we have the resources to deliver an exceptional experience from start to finish. Our team takes pride in providing personalized, high-quality solutions that exceed your expectations. From consultation to design to completion, we are committed to making sure that you have the best possible experience working with us. 


our consultation process, we will cover the timeline of the process, provide cost estimations, discuss design elements, and address any technical details. Don’t be afraid to dream big – we’re here to turn your vision

into reality!


Our team includes an in-house graphic designer who will work with you to create a custom court that perfectly reflects your vision. From colors to graphics and more, we’ll work tirelessly to bring your big ideas to life. Plus, with multiple concepts provided for your review and a revision process that ensures your complete satisfaction, you can be sure that your finished court will be perfect.

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After, settling on the perfect design, our team will begin the construction process, ensuring that every detail is taken care of. Our efficient process means that your custom court will be ready for play as soon as possible, with no sacrifice in quality or durability.


Once the construction of the court is complete, we begin the installation process to ensure your new floor is safe, durable, and long-lasting. To learn more about the installation process, click here


LogiCourt offers financing options for facilities that cannot afford a single lump sum payment for a new court, allowing you to amortize a court over a period of several fiscal years and reap the benefits of a new court while staying within your budget.



Floor Stain & Design

Choose the essence of your court with the floor stain. Embrace classic hardwood hues or opt for a modern twist with bold, unconventional shades. Select where the stain resides—full-court coverage or specific areas for an artistic touch. We're here to make your court as distinctive as your game.

Court Lines

Personalize the court's purpose by selecting from a spectrum of lines. Whether it's basketball, volleyball, pickleball, or more, define each space according to your activities. Want to fuse different sports on one court? You can determine the layout and positioning of these lines, ensuring a versatile and dynamic space for various games.

Line Colors & Placement

The customization doesn't stop at the type of lines—choose their colors to complement your court's overall aesthetic. Position them strategically based on your preferences, optimizing the court for multiple sports without compromising on style.

Graphics & Logos

Infuse your personality into the court with graphics and logos. You can provide your own designs or collaborate with our team to source or create graphics that represent your individuality. Whether it's team logos, personal insignias, or artistic elements, your court will speak volumes about your style and passion.

Our platform is designed to empower your creativity. Experience the joy of seeing your ideas materialize as we bring your dream court to life, tailored exactly to your specifications.

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